Fields of Expertise

Failure Analysis

Laboratory analysis, research and conclusions presented in Court expert testimony on the subject of elastomeric plastics and composite materials:

Subject field : Structural resistance

  • Failure of piping system in a potash mine (Saskatchewan). Failure analysis and determination of factors involved in the breakage of filament-wound composite material ducts in an underground ventilation system.
  • Defectiveness of containers made of moulded plastic.
    Assessment of failure factors involved in thermoplastic container covers.
  • Defectiveness of tanks made of composite plastic materials.
  • Failure of composite plastic material tanks and piping in pulp and paper mill.
    Assessment of the causes of shattering and gaping of composite material tanks in a drinking water treatment plant and in a pulp and paper mill.
  • Fire in building built with plastic composite materials.

  • Fire in urethane foam insulated building.
    Investigation of fire factors involved in urethane foam insulated building.
  • Analysis of solder failure in plastic bags used to store therapeutic gel type liquid.
  • Expertise on the repair of fishing boats made from composite materials in Canada’s Great North (delaminating caused by ice exposure – Newfoundland).

  • Failure analysis of CPVC piping on fire sprinklers system (ESC phenomenon: environmental stress cracking).

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Subject field : Chemical resistance

  • Defect of SMC compound type raw plastic material.
    Malfunction analysis of pre-impregnated press moulded compound (Sheet Moulding Compound).
  • Analysis of swimming pool failure caused by osmosis.
  • Analysis of deterioration of boats and sailboats made of composite materials (osmosis effect).

  • Failure analysis on waterproof membranes for highly corrosive liquids holding tanks (chemical disposal facility) - ESC phenomenon: environmental stress cracking.

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Subject field : Surface coverings

  • Expertise on moulding and tooling (defects).
    Malfunction assessment of composite material moulds used in the production of truck bodies.
  • Defect of a polymer resin covering (Court expert).
    Named by judge as Court expert for the assessment of urethane concrete floor failure.
  • Failure analysis of epoxy coating inside large diameter drinking water reservoirs in Canada’s Great North (Nunavut).

  • Failure analysis of buses and motor homes exterior sidings under adverse weather conditions.

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Subject field : Adhesives

  • Breakage of roll shells on paper machines.
    Failure analysis and assessment of factors involved in the breakage of roll cast moulded urethane shells on paper machines.
  • Malfunction of plastic infant seat.
    Failure assessment of an elastomeric material based suction cup system used to anchor infant seats at the bottom of bathtubs.

  • Failure analysis of adhesive used to bond composite material panels in bus and motor home exterior sidings.